i just want to go to therapy right now omg none of this makes any sense

luv poem for everyone that im making up as i type right now right here. also love and luv are two totally separate things

oh wow, i luv u

normally i’d be eating pizza but i luv u
i luv u too much to eat food
but i dont luv u enough to not think about the food
(which makes me sad)

i luv u so much that i wish i looked like u
because i luv ur looks more than my looks

yesterday my mom bought a lazer pointer for my cat to play with
this morning i used tht lazer pointer
and the cat went wild n chased it up the stairs
the cat is me and the lazer is u


this is pistachio joe

this is pistachio joe


im really passionate abvout my dream

i just almost ate a bunch of pizza but i ididnt except im still thinkin about pizza…………………..


I just had a dream where I was talking to some Italian guy and he was like “you just wait…people are gonna PAY my son, pistachio joe, to dance.” and I was like yeah ok and then the later in the dream I was with my friend and we were watching the guy whose name is apparently pistachio joe and It was a video of him dancing in slow motion with marijuana leaves around the screen

ive been laughing about this all day this is the funniest dream ive ever had in my whole life

yay!!!!!!!!!! i get to go back to therapy tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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